Why I used FLOCK Internet Browser? 

Last 3days ago, I don't know what happened to my favorite browser which was Google Chrome. After restart my laptop when I open my browser I cannot open any site, I tried almost all my sites but the result is the same. So temporarily I used my alternative browser which is Mozilla Firefox, I don't like the features of Firefox similar with Internet Explorer but I don't have any choice because I am too busy and no time to search another good browser.

Just a few minutes ago, I enter to Google Search Engine and searched Top 10 Internet browser. Well, the result give some links and I read all their descriptions including the reviews and ratings. I tried to install SAFARI, OPERA, etc. Until I come with FLOCK, I installed and start using it. I am amazed with the features of this Internet browser because at the right side of your screen you can view the updates of your facebook, twitter and youtube. If you don't want to view it, you can close and open again if you want.

The best thing I like this browser is very fast, the speed of loading is excellent. No add-on also on your screen so you can maximize your monitor. 

For me, I found a very excellent Internet browser today. How about you? Did you tried any other browser aside from the common Firefox and Internet browser?

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