Goodbye Friendster

     I remember the time when I got to knew about internet, the only site that I visited everyday was Friendster. Most of my friends was addicted on this socialize networking site. I created my account and customized it with a wonderful background. 
     Alot of things you can do! From connecting to other people whom you do not know and also you can connect your offline friends and families. Just one click of your mouse to add them or request them to be your friend. After they accepted your request you are both connected to each other.
     People are talking about Friendster, every individual when they meet each other they mostly asked " Do you have Friendster account?". Those friends who doesn't have account yet, will eager to create an account. Friends, family and few unknown individuals started to connect each other even they were far away from each other. From one side to another side of the world, both connected. Communication nowadays reaches to the highest level, even you are in the other side of the world you can talk to each other by means of socialize networking sites, one of that is Friendster. Meaning communications through socialize site can make us more closer to each other and not our main problem how we can communicate to our friends and families. Technology solve this problem which we previously did it through letters and voice recording.
     Aside from email and phone, people now can communicate each other by using Friendster. Friendster will allow users to send private messages, send photos and e-cards. So many things you can do on Friendster that will help individuals away from being lonely and longing their families and friends.
     I was addicted to Friendster. Based on the statistics, Philippines was the #1 user of Friendster in whole Asia. Friendster earned a big money from their users by advertisement traffic. You can view different ads in any corner of the site. No doubts, Owner or the Admin of   Friendster think that they will continue to serve their members in a longer period of time to help people connected but in our online trend today, websites cannot guarantee to their users that they can continue serving because of the high competition. 
    Indeed, it happed to Friendster! Who knew at the beginning that Facebook will conquer all socialize networking sites at the end. Actually, Friendster will not totally gone but they are concentrating on online games and they will reformat their system and delete all files on their system, your posted blogs, photos and any related documents will gone after their system clean. 
     Friendster found out that after rapid increased of Facebook users, most people are move and occasionally visit their Friendster account, less traffic to their sites and they cannot sustain the monthly maintenance of their site. 
I am annoyed to the new updates of Friendster because I need to save alot of photos to my account which I think I will spend more time to do it. Although, I can move my files to another sites, the only problem I am not a member of the site that they recommended, I never used it since before. All my offline friends sent me a message to save all our photos, who happened they don't have copy on it, specially those moments we've been together. Aside from that I have no time to save one by one due to my hectic schedule. I am hoping I can find time to recover all my documents before the due date.
However, not only Friendster experienced similar problem, if you are known to Myspace, Hi5 and any other socialize sites, their total members reduced and move to Facebook. 
      As you all knew, the Owner of Facebook are one of the richest man in the world. It's too early to say that Facebook will be the best socialized site until the end of internet world. 
Who knows somebody will create another smart ideas and introduce it online, then Facebook users will move to that particular site. That will be a big headache for Facebook Owner.
    If your habit to surf the net, everyday, you can find different kinds of socialize site with different features. Some sites promise to share their advertisement revenues to all their users who help them earn traffic in using their sites. I found one paying socialize networking sites that continue paying more than 5 years already. In my future post I will elaborate more about that paying site.

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