Alaala ni Inay

    The whole world celebrated and honor their mothers. Imagine how the hardship they experience carrying a baby within 9 months on their womb. It is not easy to become a mother. They give all their life to sustain the needs of their children. However, not all children pay respect to their mothers. If you followed the news daily, you can read in the newspaper and watched in the television that some people hurt and even killed their mothers. We should condemned this kind of act to all our mothers out there. The people who make this act also deserve to be killed.

   Wherever you are now, you should greet your mother a "Happy mother's day" and don't hesitate to tell  "You really love them with all your heart and soul". 

    I remember when my mother was still alive. During Mother's Day I won't forgot to called her on the mobile because I work faraway from home, so a couple of minutes call to greet was enough for her. She was a very nice mother I ever known. In returned, whatever she wants as long as I can, I'll give her without any question at all.

   Nowadays, several mother's live without husband. Can you imagine how difficult to cultivate a child alone without the support of a husband? It's not easy to guide and support a child alone. You will observe why several mother's left their home early in the morning for work because they don't have any choice except to get a good job to support their children. They are commonly known single parents.

   Mother's should be honored and deserve for our respect but some people never think what mother's contribute to a great family. Some countries, considered their mother's as "light of the family" When we say light, it means they are our guide whatever steps we take. We should not forget the role of every mother to our life.

   Many countries, even their children reaches to legal age still dependent to their mothers. Everytime they encounter problems, they always came to asked for assistance. Children is closed to their mothers than to their fathers. What is the reason?

   Statistic shows, it is because mothers spent more time to their children than to their father. As we all know, fathers are always busy to their work and came late from work. 

   To all mother's all over the world hinahangaan po namin kayo. We salute you all. 

We love you mommies!

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  1. A day that all of us should remember. We should honor our mother and give her a sweet message or a hug with kisses. Thanks for the good post!



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