myLot - A paid to post site that is known to all online job seekers. The site was launched we back 6 years ago. During that time nobody believe about their program. Surfers was hesitate to joined, they are thinking that it was another scam site that used only their members to earned traffic from Google Adsense. Infact, even myself I was skeptic to joined specially those who are newly launched and never seen any proof of payment.

You can post everything you want except referral links and some abusive topics. For example, you can post about politics, technologies, sports, sex and many more.  If you observe the rules, you will surely earn and you will succeed to your online job. Every site have their own rules or term of service.

I joined this site for more than 4 years ago. In the beginning it was just only a try and never think to be paid after a month of posting and interacting to some of members discussions. When I saw my earnings increase everyday, I try being active to participate in any of my friends thread. Until the time comes being active I got a surprised from the site that credited to my Paypal account. That was the beginning of my journey to joined any online opportunities. The first payment from my online job was from myLot. 

To help boost your earnings, you need to observe the guidelines and make a quality post. Quantity is not the main reason to earned more. Meaning, no need to post more with less quality. Post related to the topic and don't use any flowering words to make your response long. Never violate the guidelines because it will result a lost of your earnings. If one of your post been deleted, the earnings you earned from that post will be deducted to your total earnings.

If you want to earned more, much better if you introduce the site to all people you meet online, friends or not friends who have similar goals like you,  who wants to earn bucks from online opportunities. The more friends you refer the more money you will get from the site.

The reason why I stop blogging because of this site. However, I made some blogs related to paid to clicks which I found also a good earning opportunity to all surfers.

I am inactive lately because of my regular job but myLot continue paying to their members without any pending. Once you reach minimum payout you will get it on or before 15th of the month depending on the payout you set on your profile. 

Every post is compensated as long as not very short. You can post your own discussions or you can response other post. The more members participate on your discussion, a big possibility you will earn more. There's no exact calculation of earnings how much you earn every post but the longer your post it the high earnings you will get. It's better than working on ptc.  

Mode of Payment:
If your reached to a minimum of $10, you will be paid through Paypal. There's option to set your payout, from $10 to $100! Now, I tried to reach $100 and hoping to reach it this year. It's only for my spare time.

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