Enjoy Our Meal

Last night I invited my 3 men who always support me during our shift to go outside and having a midnight meal with them. For the information of everybody since 2 months already my duty started at 12noon and it will end at 12midnight. After our duty, we fixed ourselves to go outside. I waited them for a while outside our staff compound. Actually, I didn't change my whole uniformed, only my suit and the pants left!. About 2 minutes I wait and I was so hungry because the food in our cafeteria was not delicious, not new to all staff. I follow up the 3 guys with a call to their mobile. Apparently, my stomach already crying and want to have a good digestion not my fats. 

Later on, the guys came and I saw their both eyes, an excitement to go with me. Of course, the time I spend to them will not be repeated again and again. I am busy with my work and I cannot spent time going outside with them. In other words, they are very lucky and I am lucky also to accompanied with them.

Well, we walk for a couple of minutes instead of riding a taxi. By walking, atleast we can talk and discuss different nice topic with the guys. It was a nice getting together with my subordinate. While we are on duty, most of the time I speak with them is about our job. Less time to talk about our personal life. The hotel operation is always busy and we are more concerned on the guest needs than chatting with nonsense topic.

About 10 minutes, we arrived in the area and I ordered food for us. While waiting our order we discuss several things regarding the culture of my country and also to their country. Before I will forgot, the colleagues with me, 2 guys from Bangladesh and 1 Filipino like me. Because we spent already more than a year being Evening shift so we are closed to each other. Although, they are from another Nationality but still I considered and treat them like my countrymen. Different cultures but with the same nature of job so no worries at all.

We didn't bring a camera so we missed the night together without photo remembrance. I promised to them that I will schedule another hang out for MEAL outside by next month. I cannot bring also my VideoCam because I kept it in my luggage and last night several people was there in my room. Chatting and drinking some special drinks, when I reached my room I went our immediately after few minutes.

Anyway, the colleagues with me last night were namely: Eli, Jahangir and Shafiq

I am hoping  that by next month we can go out again to have a midnight meal. Unfortunately, the food we are eating from our cafeteria seems not good anymore, maybe because we always eat everyday and the menu still the same.

Today, when I come to the office some of the guys who happened, they are with me when I was morning shift, and ask me "why I didn't invite them" to go with me for a free meal. I think they felt jealous on their colleagues whom I treat special than them. To all who know the life of people working evening, is not easy! TO reward them, I treat them sometimes a free meal so that we enjoy the fruit of our hardwork - my salary!

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