September  18, 2012 was the date for the released of my Household Services NC-II. As I said on my previous blog “it is one of the requirements before your working visa will be process by the POEA.”  I woke early at around 5:00 o’clock in the morning. After fixing myself I travelled again, I ride a jeep from Pulang Lupa, Las Pinas to Baclaran. Then, I walked for about 5 minutes to reach LRT Baclaran Station. I arrived at Tayuman LRT Station at 7:00 o’clock. I ride a jeep again from LRT station to TESDA, it took about 20 minutes due to traffic and the jeep always stop to find a passengers.
 At exactly 7:30 o’clock I enter the TESDA building. I was shocked when I saw a crowd of more than 400 individuals already seating on their respective seats assign by the person incharge on the line. I asked the person seating infront of the door how to claim my certificate. He said “ I need to filled up the attendance sheet for the attendance to have my batch number.
I was among of BACTH 19. Every batch has a member of 15 persons. So it means there are more than 300 person on the list since I arrived, excluding SEABASE. There’s another set-up for them separate from LANDBASE. I sat on the assigned seats, waiting for my turned. Imagine yourself seating with the crowd. The weather wasn’t cold nor hot, an average temperature inside. Time passes by, where moving from one seat to another. Only one batch allowed going in the second floor of the building. The area where we seat was like a parking area at the back of the building. No electric fan, no tv. Although there was one tv hanging but it wasn’t turn on.
Almost 12noon the temperature became hotter and hotter. The problem I forgot to brought my handkerchief. I am lucky that day, my sweat understand my situation, wasn’t came out too much. There was several vendors went to any side of the lot. Selling snacks, breakfast and also for lunch. As I read on the signboard found above the small store, it’s funded by a certain congressman Lopez, for the employees’ cooperative (if I am not mistaken). Well, it’s a big help to most of us, while waiting we can buy something for us to eat and take away our hunger.

1 o’clock our batch was about to be called for the next turn. One of the employee round to all of us and start collecting the payment worth Php 50.00. That amount was the payment of our individual certificate. After 30 minutes, we are called to proceed on the 2nd floor of the building. We sat again out the office and one guy gives us a slip to be filled up. In the slip you need to write the payment information you wish to appear on the receipt. Then few minutes, we are instructed to go inside the office. Time to handover our id picture to be pasted in the certificate. Our name called one by one. The certificate was ready. After signing our certificate infront of the person in-charge, they will give us our certificate. Lastly, time to leave the office and TESDA building. I finished the whole procedure at exactly 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon. I was relieve and excited to go home.

TESDA Requirements to claim your Certificate:
1.     Be sure that day is your scheduled releasing date
2.     Join a group of 15 as part of a batch number. Write your name on the attendance sheet.  Don’t worry; it is given according to your time of arrival on their building. Be sure to ask anybody if you don’t know the process.
3.     Don’t forget to bring one valid ID’s
Valid Id’s are the following:
1.     Driver’s License
2.     School ID
3.     Voter’s ID
4.     Office ID
5.     Company ID
6.     SSS ID
7.     BIR (TIN) ID
8.     Postal ID
9.     Passport (Original Copy)
10.           NBI Clearance (Original Copy)
4.     Passport size ID Picture (1pc)
v 1.5” x 2” correct size of the ID Picture
5.     Php 50.00

Do you think there’s another way to lessen the time on your stay to their office? For me there is a way. Why they don’t print the certificate a day before the schedule of the release. Imagine, 3 days (excluding weekends) are given us before we can claim our certificate. If they print in advance, the can avoid a very long line and keep away from being pressured. They can assign a number to be called one by one to enter their office. It’s hassle free and minimizes the time we can spend in their office. Why, they didn’t do that way?

There’s point of view came to my mind. If they lessen the time and make the process very short, their business inside will not earn from the people on that particular day. Can you count how much they will earn from more than 500 individuals everyday? Main thing, they are happy to earn from us but it’s annoying to stay on their place for a longer period of time seating for about 6 hours, nothing to do except wondering and texting. 

Hoping the management of TESDA will think the welfare of their clients not for their own good. Not easy to work away from our country and also to our family. They should serve us nicely and better not to let us wait for about 6 hours before we can get our respective certificate.

If they consider us as heroes why they cannot give us a comfortable way of processing our documents and requirements.


One guy busy selling foods

Fellow OFW waiting their turn


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