Payments Received

I received several payments from the different sites that I am working for. Apart for being busy with my full time job, still I manage to work online when I am inside my room. 

I prepare to do things online rather that wasting it by watching TV. Although, I watch TV programs but just only few minutes, I devoted almost all my free time only by writing my daily journal and posted it in Bubblews. 

Bubblews is the best writing site online now. I am a member of bubblews since February 22, 2013. Due to misunderstanding with fellow bubblers, I advised bubblews support to delete my old account. It took several months before I opened a new account. 

Maybe, I was also busy attending my newly born son. Within 2 weeks working my new account, I flew abroad for work. I am now 9 months working abroad but still I manage to do my online daily routine. Check out the proof below.

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