Paid Combine Redemptions

I am talking about my Bubblews redemptions. I was worried because I have 2 missing redemptions last July due to site migration. When the site migrate from OLD to NEW version, there are lots of redemption being missed by the system, I didn't lost hope, instead I continue submitting different post in the site almost everyday.

Another sad thing happened, 2 of my August redemptions are delayed for several days. But it doesn't put myself into frustrations. I keep going, I keep posting and I keep interacting to fellow bubblers and to my real connections.

Actually, I had sent them an email several times but I received a reply twice. Similar words, they forwarded my concern to Finance Department to process my payment but still I didn't receive it. I stop sending email to follow up, until last 3 days.

Last to days, I give another head shot to the support, hoping I will get a reply. Within 10 minutes, I got his reply, "I have sent your redemption requests to our finance department.  They will review the redemptions and process your payment as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience.

&Bubblews "

After I read the message, I do hope that it will be address at that time. Well, after 24 hours, I received a notification to my mobile apps, my favorite email from Bubblews. I am thinking that it was only one redemption but when I opened it, OMG! a combination of 4 redemptions with a total of $318.23. What a great relief after so many day patiently waiting, and here it is, the eCheck already appeared in my Paypal account. Thanks God...\

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