The following is frequently ask questions that are from members on the forum. I thought I'd post them here in case you have a similar or same question. You can of course, locate the FAQ in your account that is more detailed.

1. Do I get more ads if I upgrade to premium?
Not necessarily. However, as a norm, premium members do tend to get more ads because advertisers tend to promote to premium members.

2. If I upgrade to premium, will I earn on all my 8 level referrals clicks?
No. You earn on your direct referrals clicks only. Do keep in mind, as a premium member you do earn $1.00 on each referral that upgrades through your 8 level organization. See 'Premium Account' by mousing over the drop down menu under 'Account' to see how much more you can earn as a premium member.

3. Can I use my earnings to advertise?
Yes. You can use any amount of your earnings to advertise most anything you want. Of course, you must follow the rules and you are not allowed to advertise "bad" stuff. I think it goes without saying what bad stuff is but you can locate this info on site as to what you cannot advertise. ClixSense has great options for the advertiser (geo targeting). You can choose to advertise to a specific country/region/free members/premium members, etc. You may also purchase advertising as well as using your earnings towards advertising.

4. I don't know how to post on a forum. I'd like to but I am afraid. How does it work?
Don't be scared. It's not difficult to post on a forum. You can click 'new topic' to make a new post or you can click 'reply' to post a reply inside a topic. If you make a mistake, you can edit the post. Also, moderators tend to correct mistakes by moving topics posted in incorrect categories, etc. Try it, you'll see it is no biggie.

5. Why don't I get a lot of extended ads? Is it because I live on Mars?
Sorry, martians are not allowed to join ClixSense. However, those of us on planet earth that are allowed to be members of ClixSense, only occasionally receive extended ads to view. Like all ads, it is up to the advertiser what type of ad, he wishes to purchase and who he wishes to advertise to (geo target).

6. Do members in the USA get more ads than members in other countries?
Not necessarily. Again, this has to do with the advertiser. An advertiser may choose to advertise to those that reside in Europe only. Or an advertiser might choose to advertise to members in another region of the world. 

7. Do members that have the ClixSense toolbar installed, get more ads?
No. However, members that do use the ClixSense toolbar find they on average, tend to click more ads, simply because they are notified immediately when an ad is available for them to view. You may want to give it a try. You can always easily uninstall it if you choose.

8. I'm a member of bux ptc programs and I have been scammed and I have lost a lot of money. What makes ClixSense different from bux programs? 
The difference is more than a mouth full. For starters, ClixSense members really do earn a nice extra chunk of money as a free member. Also, you can't even possibly lose money at ClixSense unless you are bound and determined to. Premium membership is optional and less than $17 for an entire full year. In addition, as soon as you upgrade to Premium, you will have approximately 100 ads to click, thereby earning back immediately, some of your $17 outlay. ClixSense has been online, functioning debt free, for 7 that with any bux program out there. Also, ClixSense has their own in house programmers...the script is created from scratch and no one else has what ClixSense has. Bux programs use a standard license script. Bux programs, usually only pay on direct referrals even as an upgraded member. ClixSense pays on 8 levels as a premium member. Bux programs, you need a whole lot of active members to make anything remotely significant, even as an expensive upgraded member. ClixSense you can make nice extra money as a free member with no referrals at all...and if you refer a few active members, your income will increase that with a premium membership and your organization could grow into the thousands. I could go on and on about the differences. Give ClixSense a good go at it for three months, and you'll see we're telling you the truth, absolute truth, and nothing but the truth.
Updated Sept. 9, 2014

9. I'm not good at sponsoring others. Is there some tips and help here to help me?
Yes. Grab a cup of coffee or a nice glass of ice tea...and maybe a sandwich, cookie, full course meal...
Seriously, take your time and browse the forum and you'll locate some mighty good information. There is also the sticky topic here in General Discussions that gives a lot of help tips on how to gain referrals. Referral Tips

10. Can I access ClixSense on my iPad and iPod?
Yes. You'll just have to try it. Some ads may not display correctly but we have noted that for the most part, they do.

11. I forgot my log in information. I forgot my secret answer. What do I do?
You can send for it. You can submit a support ticket.

12. I'm going on vacation. Will my account be suspended?
Not unless you intend to be gone on vacation for over 90 days. Accounts are suspended after 90 days of inactivity. If your account becomes suspended, you can submit a request for reactivation.

13. What are ad credits and difference b/w ads and ad credits?
Ad credits is what advertisers and members too, use for ad purchase. In other words, we can all purchase ad credits and then use those ad credits to advertise something. Let's say I want to advertise my website. I can purchase ad credits here at ClixSense. Then I can apply any portion of my ad credits, to advertise my website. Ads, is what you and I click on to make money. Ad credits, is what you and I can purchase to have others here click on what we are advertising. We can also use our earnings to purchase ad credits. By purchasing ad credits, we can apply those credits however we want. Let's say I purchase 5000 ad credits. Maybe I will allot 2000 of those ad credits to advertise a cupcake affiliate program. Maybe I will also allot 1000 of my ad credits to advertise my blog. Maybe I will simply save the other 3000 ad credits to advertise something later. You see? By purchasing ad credits, I can apply the credits to what I want to advertise, any time I want AND I can apply partial or all the ad credits to my advert.


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