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PuhunanKO ay isang retail loan para sa mga negosyanteng upang kaya nitong makikipagsabayan sa mga malalaking companya na meron ding malalaking capital. Ito ay magsilbing additional capital negosyanteng nagnanais na lumaki pa ang kanilang business.

In response to the need of both Filipino retail distributors and micro-entrepreneurs, BPI Globe BanKO launched a microcredit product, PuhunanKO, to help grow businesses at the grassroots level. 

PuhunanKO is a microcredit product from BPI Globe BanKO, the country’s first mobile-savings bank. As part of its mission to empower Filipinos at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid through financial inclusion, BanKO initially launched PuhunanKO to a small group of micropreneurs in cooperation with huge retail companies and their distributors nationwide. 

PuhunanKO is a retail loan with competitive interest rates and flexible payment terms offered to pre-approved clients, which allows them to purchase inventory from distributors. The retailers may avail, inquire and pay for their loans using their BanKO-enabled mobile phones. 

Monthly Interest Rate: 2.5%
Monthly Effective Interest Rate: 2.5%
Payment Maturity: 30 days
Payment Terms: 30 days
Credit Line Validity: 1 year
Late Payment Penalty: 5% of principal

Micro and small business loan application form 
Latest Income Tax Return/3 years audited financial statement 
DTI/Mayor’s Permit 
Bank Statement for the past 3 months 
Sales Invoice/Purchase Order 
Photocopy of valid ID 
Picture of Business 
Sketch Map of Residence and Business 

Trade Business References

PuhunanKO aims to provide additional working capital to Filipino micro-entrepeneurs and help BanKO’s partner retail distributors to grow their business. It serves a link to the suppliers and their customers using BanKO’s mobile financing system that allows a secured transaction of cash and goods. Moreover, PuhunanKO answers the growing needs of both Filipino retail distributors and micro-entrepreneurs by providing the following benefits: 

Provide a credit line facility for retailers that increases available working capital. 
Ensure that suppliers are paid outright in cash. 
Ensure that the loan is available anytime through their BanKO mobile savings account. Provide loans at an affordable interest rate and payable anytime within the 30-day term.

Quoted from BanKo website: CLICK HERE!

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