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Sa Tagum Cooperative wala ka nang hahanapin pa, ang dami ng product and services na swak sa lahat ng membro nito. You can choose any of the following product and services na gusto mong e avail. Ang pinaka maganda para sa akin palakihin mo yong Share Capital mo kasi tutubo ito 10% per annum compared sa other services nila. Kung malaki din ang Share Capital mo, maraming additional services ma-benefits mo sa Tagum Cooperative. Kaya sa mga nakatira within Davao Region na merong malapit na Tagum Cooperative branch pumunta na kayo at magpa membro na po kayo.

Share Capital 
A membership requirement at P 8,000.00 per member, the deposit will earn interest on Share Capital annually, as declared by the cooperative. 

Regular Savings 
A requirement for all TC Members with P500.00 maintaining balance and P1,000 minimum deposit to earn interest . A liquid savings account with no contractual maturity and can be withdrawn anytime.  

SALAd – Save A Lot Advocacy 
Aims to liberate the members from the bondage of debt-building by developing the wealth building habit of saving. The member shall deposit monthly on his/her SALAD account for a period of sixteen (16) months. Research shows that repeating a task regularly up to 16 to 21 times successfully turn a task into a habit. 

Vacation Savings 
It is a special product for members to experience a well-financed and unforgettable getaway. The member may open multiple Vacation Savings and can choose the maturity date of account. 

Christmas Savings 
It is the fastest and most optimal way to grow savings for Holiday season by turning holiday spending into a smart savings plan. The member may open multiple Christmas Savings and can only withdraw starting from 1st day of December. 

Birthday Savings 
Birthday Savings will be another special savings product for members and their loved ones that enable them allocate a portion of their income to save for birthdays and celebrate it exceptionally with families and friends. The member may open multiple Christmas Savings and can only withdraw one week before member’s/nominee’s birthday. 

Time Deposit 
A regular time deposit certificate issued to the member for every account opened. Interest on deposits varies depending on the amount, the longer the term and amount, the higher the interest rate. 

A time deposit product aimed primarily at members who want to receive earned interest monthly instead of at the end of the time deposit term. Interest will be credited to the member’s savings account every end of the month, and may thus be withdrawn thereafter.  

GASAKA – Gasa Alang sa Kaugmaon 
GASAKA Savings is another special savings product for members that will allow our members to open a savings account for someone which will be used for long – term goals. Minimum of 5 years from opening date of the account or the 18th birthday of the nominee (must not be less than 5 years form the opening of account). 

Double Your Money in 10 Years 
Tagum Cooperative offers to double members’ investment in 10 years to help them achieve their personal financial goals and bringing them to the road of financial prosperity. 

Golden Hearts 
Specially designed for senior citizens aging 65 years old and above who are not yet members of Tagum Cooperative. Golden Hearts members shall be classified as Associate members and are entitled to all benefits pertaining thereto except for loans, mortuary and insurance. 

PASADA – Pabilisang Savings sa Mga Drivers Advocacy 
Daily deposit advocacy program open to all licensed drivers. Boasts a drive-thru facility installed just outside the Tagum Cooperative Main Office Building for fast and convenient deposit. 

HEROES GIFT (Grow Installment Savings For Tomorrow) 
The program allows TC Regular or Associate members to open a personal savings account and can open an account for a family member which will be used for long – term goals through installment deposit scheme. 

TCOPPS (TC Overseas Pinoy Premium Savings ) 
The program allows TC Regular or Associate members to open a personal savings account which will be used for long – term goals through lump-sum deposit scheme.

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