Magandang Sanlaan ng Gadget

Disapproved kaba kay Tala, Moola at Pera Agad? Nawalan ka na ba ng pag-asa para magka pera? Wag kanang mag-alala kasi ngayon pwede kanang magkapera kapag may gadget ka. Majority of us lalo na sa mga teens at adults ay may kanya-kanya ng mga gadget. Ang gadget hindi lang ito nakakatulong para ma contact ang pamilya mo, kaibigan mo o kapitbahay mo. Makakatulong din ang gadget sa oras ng iyong pangangailangan. Paano ba ito gagawin?

Dahil meron ng Mobile Cash - ONE SHOP sa Metro Manila, ang gadget mo pwede ng isanla sa kanila sa loob ng 30 days. Kung walang nagtitiwala sayo sa mga non-collateral lending companies, ito na ang pagkakataon mo para makapagloan gamit ang gadget mo as your collateral para mabigyan ka ng kinakailangan mong halaga. Pero bago pa natin e avail ang serbisyo ni ONE SHOP, kilalanin muna natin ito.

ONE SHOP was started to help customers get quick cash in trade of their smartphones, tablets or laptops. It is one of a kind online trading shop that helps customers buy back their stuff within a time span of 30 days. ONE SHOP makes it easy to turn your items into money. Listing your mobile for sale on different websites can be time-consuming and you have to sell it forever, however selling your gadget with ONE SHOP gives you an advantage over others. Now there’s no need to sell your gadgets forever as you can buy the traded gadget within a month’s time. 

What We Do 
We offer customers a chance to trade their stuff for money and buy it back within 30 days. Instead of borrowing, you are trading your smartphone for some quick cash when you need it the most. So trade in your gadget conveniently and effortlessly for cash. Professional management techniques, modern retailing practices, and commitment to our customers have made us one of the best companies. So whether you are trading a mobile phone or a TV, we ensure that our customers enjoy peace of mind and great deals. 

Our Guarantee 
We offer instant price quote, secure pick up from your home or office and high valuation. Selling your laptop or mobile phone has never been easier, but with us, you can be assured of getting your hands on the best deal in a short span of time. 

The Process 
After submitting the application, you will be contacted by One Shop representative who will offer you an amount for the gadget. A pick up will be scheduled at a time and place that is most convenient to you. And after our manager inspects the gadget, you will be handed over the money.

Are you looking for some extra cash? As one of the most trusted leaders in the industry, ONE SHOP can help! We offer high prices for mobiles, tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgets that you would love to trade for some quick cash through an easy, quick and secure process. 

Request a Quote 
Fill out the easy to answer “sell your item for cash” form with the basic information about the gadget you are planning to sell. 

Receive Call 
Get a call from one of our experienced managers within 24 hours and discuss all your requirements with him. 

Meet Our Courier 
After accepting the consignment offer we will pack your item and deliver to our secured warehouse 

Receive Cash Instantly 
You will be offered the best price for the gadget. So if you choose to sell, our manager will offer you the money in a way you prefer. 

Get Item Back 
We offer you unique opportunity to get your item back within 30 days, if you plan to get your phone or laptop back, get in touch with us and we will instruct you on how to proceed further.

Ito ang sagot ng kanilang website sa tanong kung bakit sila dapat ang pipiliin para doon sa kanila isanla ang inyong gadget.

We Pay More Than Others 
We offer the best price to our customers making it easy for them to get a price they are looking for. 

Get Cash Instantly 
Get cash instantly upon checking your item. Our manager will come and inspect the mobile before handing over the cash. 

Buy Back in 30 Days 
Sell your smartphone to get instant cash whenever you need it and buy back your phone within 30 days. 

Data protection 
We are serious about data protection. Data will be protected till 30 days after which it will be destroyed. 

All Electronics Are Welcome 
We accept every smart phone, laptop, tablets, TV, and other electronics. Simply fill the form to get started.

Kung decided kanang isanla ang inyong gadget sa ONE SHOP, umpisahan nyo sa pag fill up ng form nila online. Ma-a-access nyo ito through this link: CLICK HERE!

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