QuickCash123 -How To Apply a Loan?

Napadali lang mag-apply sa QuickCash123. Pero hindi lahat ay magaling pagdating sa pag fill-up ng mga application forms lalo na kung gagawin ito online sa isang mobile app. Ang company ang naglagay ng guide online para mabasa at masundan ito ng mabuti sa mga gustong mag apply ng loan sa kanila. Ang pinaka-importanteng gawin ay unawain ng mabuti ang bawat instruction na binigay ng QuickCash123. Sundan lamang nyo ang tatlong easy steps paano gagawin ang loan application.

3 Easy Steps to get QuickCash123 Loan

Apply for Loan
Get ready at least 2 documents;TIN ID, Driving License and SSS No,UMID etc.

Receive Money
Receive money in your bank account within hours or choose to pick up cash at more than 10,000 locations in Philippines thru our authorised centres

Make Repayment
Make your payment through more than 10,000 locations including 7-11, FamilyMart, Bank ATM Transfer, M Lhuillier, Cebuana, etc

How do I apply the QuickCash123 loan?

  1. Click on the icon of QuickCash123 and login to the app.
  2. Then come to the Dashboard of app. Click on the button Apply Cash.
  3. Then click on the loan package to apply.
  4. Select on the time frame on loan from 7 days to 28 days.
  5. The interest charges and process fees will be stated on the screen.
  6. Then click Submit.
  7. Then click on the selfie photo button and submit all relevant documents as per required.
  8. Click on the Continue button.
  9. We will notify the lender once loan is approved or rejected.

 Why the approval of my loan is fast?
Our automated technologies behind QuickCash123 system enable us to approve the loan in minutes using the latest technologies of digital lending fintech system with big data mining tech, artificial intelligence AI, facial recognition and cloud computing. Our credit rating is unique and different from conventional bank and finance institution.

How soon will loan application be processed?
We will process the application on the same business day from 9am to 6pm. However, any application we received after 6pm shall be processed the next business day. All application will be processed and result will be replied within 24 hours during any business day.

Where can I receive the loan fund after approval?
We have more than 5000 outlets available through Philippines for fund deposit/disperse thru our gateway payment partners.

Once we get approved, what is the next step?
Click and select of the location of the disbursement of the fund.
Present at the location and bring the 12 Digit Approval Code (from Quickcash123) and valid ID.
Present to the outlet sales person and fund will disperse in minutes.

Why there is processing fees?
The processing fees that we collected from the lenders are to pay the services of the money disperse/deposit 3 rd party outlets throughout Philippines, payment gateway providers fee, the referral fees of online ads and social media, the QuickCash123 apps provider Pacific Fintech Limited, server system provider and system maintenances.

If I want to make partial payment of the loan, is that possible?
Yes, you are allowed to make partial payment but extra interest and process fees will be charged accordingly.

What will happen if I defaulted the payment?
We will try to understand the situation and partial payment is allowed. However, we will issue a defaulter notice in our system as the last resort; we will report the defaulter name to the credit bureau of the Philippines for blacklist.

Why it is important to have a good credit rating with QuickCash123?
First, it is important to promote a healthy credit rating with us since we will keep track of all the lenders records for future loan eligibility. We even reward our lenders with more credit line in the future for those with good credit standing.

Is QuickCash123 loan is expandable to other loan in the future?
Yes, we will offer various types of loan to loyal clients such as merchandise loan, SME loan, SMI loan, business loan and more in the future. As such, it is important to maintain a good credit standing with us, and hence we are able to support your financial needs always.



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