Happyplus at ang Karaniwang mga Tanong

Nakilala na natin ang tungkol sa Happyplus card at alam na rin natin kung saan ito gagamitin. Pero sa nakaraang post namin, hindi lahat na karaniwang tanong ay nasagot namin. Alam namin, marami pa ding mga katanungan na bumagabag sa inyong isip, kaya sa tulong ng Happyplus website, inalam namin ang mga FAQs at ang mga kasagutan nito. Pakibasa nalang po sa iba ang mga maaaring sagot sa mga common question nyo na hindi namin nasasagot sa aming nakaraang post.

1. What is happyplüs?

happyplüs is JFC’s customer loyalty program that rewards members with points every time they eat in Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon establishments nationwide. The points can then be used as currency for any item sold in any of the participating stores.

2. How do I become a member?

Buy a happyplüs Welcome Kit at any cashier counter of Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon establishments nationwide for only P 100. Fill out the enclosed Membership Application Form and submit to the cashier counter of Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon establishments. You can also register online at www.happyplus.com.ph.

3. What is the duration of the membership?

The card is valid for (3) three years. Please refer to the validity date printed on the card.

4. Can I renew my membership?

Yes. Expiring Happyplüs Cards can be renewed using the following ways:

a. Happyplüs Renewal Envelope
• Go to any participating store and ask for a Renewal Envelope.
• Buy a new Happyplüs Card for P100
• Completely fill-up the Envelope, place the expired Happyplüs Card inside and submit to the store.
• Processing Period is 15 days from submission.
• You will receive a Text Notification when Happyload and Happypoints are ready for HP Transfer.

b. Happyplüs Online Card Renewal
Note: Applicable for registered and expired cards only.

• Buy a new Happyplüs Card for P100.
• Log-in to your Happyplüs Account.
• Go to My Account > Card Renewal to start your renewal.
• Fill up the necessary details in the form and click Submit.
• After 48 hours, go to any participating stores and request for HP Transfer / HP Charge.

Cardholders can renew their expired cards up to 90 days from date of expiration.

5. How do I earn points?

Just use your happyplüs Card in paying your bill in any participating Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon store. For every P 50 purchase, you earn one (1) happypoint. One (1) happypoint = P 1. No Card, No Points.

6. How do I redeem?

Just go to any participating store and after ordering advise the cashier that you will be utilizing your happyplüs points for payment of your food order.

7. How do I join the monthly raffle?

The happyplüs card should be registered in order to be eligible for the Raffle. The Raffle entries will automatically be awarded every time you load to your account.

8. How do I check my happyplüs purse and points balance?

You may go to any participating store and tap your card on any card reader. It will automatically display your BALANCE which refers to your remaining happyload and POINTS which refers to y our remaining happypoints earned. Your happypoints is also printed on your official receipt every time you do a load or payment transaction. You may also visit and log on to www.happyplus.com.ph to manage your account online, find out your latest transactions and card balance, and check all the pertinent information regarding your happyplüs card.

9. What happens if I lose my card?

Your card is good as cash. All happy points and happyload balance on the card will be lost as well.

10. What happens if I damage my card? Can I have it replaced?

For replacement of damaged card caused the system error, surrender the card to the cashier counter of any participating store of Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich and Red Ribbon.

Damaged cards will be validated by H.O. and will be replaced for free if found defective within 15 days.

A damaged card caused by cardholder’s mishandling may be replaced with a fee of P100. Damaged card and the new card that has been purchased must be sent to H.O. for transferring of card balance.

11. How do I change personal data?

Keep your personal information up to date by reporting any change. Log on to www.happyplus.com.ph and fill up the Data Update Form.

11. Can I avail of discounts (EDIS, Senior, PWD) and use the card to pay?

Yes, happyplüs is another form of currency or tender so it is accepted in all participating stores.

12. Is there a maximum purse and reload limit?

Yes. P 10,000 is the maximum purse and reload limit so that if the card is lost the exposure to the customer would be kept to a minimum.

13. Can I use my happyplüs card for bulk order or parties?

The happyplüs card can only be used for completion of payment on  bulk orders and parties maximum of P10,000 per contract. It is also not valid for deposit on pre-ordered products, bookings and reservations as well as partial payments.

14. What is the minimum load amount?

The minimum load amount is P100 and in increments of P100. If you are a frequent customer of Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, and Red Ribbon and eat there two or three times a week, a load of P 300 is easily consumed.

15. What is the advantage of loading more in the happyplüs card?

Aside from the convenience of a cashless transaction in all participating stores, you would be getting more raffle entries.

16. Can I use my happyplüs card for Delivery Payment?

Yes. You can use your happyload to pay for your orders in Jollibee Delivery (8-7000) which is available for Metro Manila and Greenwich Delivery (5-55-55) which is available nationwide. Although, Discount Coupons and Happypoints cannot be used in Delivery Transactions.

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