Kabayang Savings -Anu-ano ang Advantage Nito?

Working abroad will be in vain kapag hindi mo naalagaan ng mabuti ang iyong pera at hindi napalago o nagamit na husto. Ang BDO ay handang tutulong sa lahat ng OFW sa buong mundo para matugunan ang mga pangangailangan ng mga Overseas Filipino Workers, saan mang sulok sa buong munda para hindi sila uuwi sa Pilipinas na merong ipon at kung sakaling ayaw na din nilang mag abroad meron silang mapagkukunan ng pundo sakaling gusto nilang magsimula ng isang munting negosyo. 

If you’re ready not just to save but also to earn, prepare your Kabayan BDO passbook savings account requirements and enroll now to enjoy these benefits.

Small Initial Deposit. 
With just a hundred peso or a hundred dollars, you can open a Kabayan account and establish your future.

Instant Remittance. 
Waiting is one thing that your family has always been doing. This is why BDO makes sure that when it comes to remittance, they never have to wait. Instantly, your remittance is credited to their account. It saves you money from expensive remittance through other channels. It saves you time because your remittance is received immediately. It saves you effort because you can even do fund transfer online and there is no need to follow up on your remittance. You can even monitor your account activities through BDO remittance inquiry online or via phone.

Free Passbook. 
When you open a Kabayan account, automatically you will get an ATM card plus you also get a passbook. This is perfect for transparency and for easy monitoring of your banking activities.

Withdraw all you can, outside the country. Unlike other kinds of account, you can keep your Kabayan account active so long as you use it at least once a year for sending money. It requires zero maintaining balance so you do not have to worry about leaving some of the remittance in your account.

You and your beneficiaries can easily withdraw funds practically anywhere you want. Aside from more than eleven thousand ATMs, you can also pay for your purchases using your ATM card at SM stores and other stores. It is also convenient to check your balance at www.bdo.com balance inquiry.

The Downside
There is only one possible downside when using a Kabayan account. You need to use it at least once a year to prevent BDO savings account expiration. When it expires, your Kabayan account will turn into a savings account which needs a higher maintaining balance of ₱10,000.00. Kaya kailangan mapasukan ng isang remittance kahit isang beses lang sa isang taon. Kung hindi na kayo nag abroad, pwede magrequest mag request sa isa inyong mga kamag-anak na nasa ibang bansa para mahhulogan kahit maliit lang na halaga.

With your BDO Kabayan account, you can even avail of personal loans that you can use for properties purchase, home improvement, travel, medical emergencies, education, special occasions, furniture, debt payment, and more.

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