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LoanChamp is the loan arm of YFinance Inc. established near the end of 2017. LoanChamp is an online lending platform geared towards financial inclusion for all Filipinos. A majority of the population is underbanked and do not have access to basic financial services and are at the receiving end of poor accessibility, product limitation, slow processing, burdensome documentation requirements, and strict credit eligibility, limiting them from gaining true financial freedom and smarter choices for their spendings. 

With a team of international banking professionals, FinTech pioneers, and local financial consultants, LoanChamp is all about breaking boundaries on access to Financial Technology, giving Filipinos better options to enhance their quality of life.


To provide affordable and convinient financial solutions.
To serve the underbanked Filipinos through big data driven technology


We value your need and
your time, and we believe
that every minute counts.

Our innovation together
with technology frees the
imagination and brings new
meaning to financial services

Your privacy and security
are our topmost priority and
we uphold integrity with 
all that we do

Paynamics Technology, Inc
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