Wallet Remedy -Kilalanin?


To help those who want to succeed in business but having a hard time creating capital.

To help those who are in urgent need of cash.

Ultimately, to teach our clients how to manage their finances by creating Savings account and maximizing the ability of Checking account.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I don't have a Checking Account, can I apply for a loan?
A: Checking Account is needed for you to get an approval for loan. This will serve as the medium of payment so that our Clients don't have to deal with collection phone calls. It will be on our Client's full responsibility to make a payment on time.

Q: What can I do since I don't have Checking Account?
A: We highly suggest for our clients to apply for a checking account through Luzon Development Bank since they have the lowest maintaining balance.

Q: Is Wallet Remedy associated to Luzon Development Bank?
A: No. We are a suggesting this Bank due to the following reason: (1) Easy application of checking account. (2) They have the lowest maintaining balance compared to other banks. (3) Most of their branches are not crowded.

Q: Why do you require checking account and not credit card?

A: Credit card is great but we do not have tools yet to accommodate credit card holders. Also, it is easier to apply for Checking account compared to Credit Card.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount loanable?
A: We are offering 10,000php as an initial loan. This may increase depending on the loyalty of our Clients.

We will be adding more FAQs based on the questions we are getting in Facebook.

Please wait our next post para sa requirements at step by step guide paano mag-apply ng loan sa Wallet Remedy. 

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