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Car Financing Options

For four consecutive years, Philippines have been yielding increasing total car sales record. In the first quarter of 2016, 76,479 car units has been sold. This marks a 22% growth in sales over the first quarter sales of 2015. Toyota Vios earns the top spot as the most sold car unit in 2016 from January to May. It currently costs from P592,000 to P958,000, while a used one can costs as low as P205,000. If you think you are now ready to have your own car, then you better know the best way to acquire it with the least hassle for you.

Huge Chunk of Cash
This is by far the best way to purchase a car. In just one go, you can get your ride without worrying with any interest rates, mortgage fees, monthly loan repayment, and the fear of having your car repossessed. However, seeing the huge amount of money you have to shed in one-time payment, you might experience a separation anxiety with your money. You have saved up a lot of money, yet it feels heavy to just let go of that hard earned cash, saved in months or even years. Make sure that you have already set aside an emergency savings apart from your cash for purchasing a car.

Dealership Financing
A down payment of 20% and 60 months to pay is the most common practice with dealership financing, however, other dealers offer buyers a chance to pay for only 10% as down payment and pay off the rest for as long as 72 months. As much as possible you have to pay the highest down payment you can, this is to lessen the cost you have to pay in the long run. The longer it takes to refinance, the higher amount of loan you are actually paying due to the applied interest rate. Though the loan terms may sound good in the words of your dealer, have your own computation and make sure you are not paying any add-ons you are not even interested in buying.

Bank Financing
Banks may have the longest list of requirements and the strictest eligibility among your financing options. For one, you will need to have a bank account whose car loan you preferred to have. Each bank has a specific list of requirements and you must be prepared for a lot of paperwork. Most banks will require you to be an employed Filipino individual for at least two years. Most banks will also want you to have at least P30,000 worth of monthly income and you must pay the 20% cost of the car as a down payment.

Moneylenders or Loan Companies
Private moneylenders have different requirements, terms and conditions. There is no stopping you from shopping around for the lending company in Manila which best fits your needs and lifestyle. You have to remember that you still have other financial responsibilities other than your loan, to be able to plan your finances, make sure that you use a loan calculator. This way you can plan with realistic expectations on how much you can actually borrow and pay monthly.

Why Cash Mart's Cash Loan
When you don’t have enough cash to pay a car upfront, you will need an auto loan to deal with it. Now that a car seems to be necessary to get to places without facing traffic head on, Filipinos are considering having their own rides. However, not everyone is keen dealing with banks as these establishments review their clients’ credit history. Their car loan approval will greatly depend on your credit score, or if you have been an outstanding borrower who pays diligently in the past. If you’ve got poor credit score, then you have little chance getting the car you want. Aside from the credit score, you also have to worry about the long list of requirements. Some Filipinos may have a hard time getting the necessary documents to make transactions with banks. Cash Mart provides car loans with less needed paperwork , which makes the loan process faster than banks. Call Cash Mart now to know how you can get a car loan with personalized payment schemes.

How Car Loan Helps

Cash Mart works hard to provide world class services and personal loan products to its clients. Not all licensed moneylenders offer car loans. On the other hand, Cash Mart understands that Filipinos have a great need of affordable car loans, thus we have created a flexible car loan with your personal need and financial status in mind. You can use the car loan to pay for the deposit, other paperwork and legal fees. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us and start on the road towards having your own ride.

Your Car Loan with a Reliable Moneylender
While banks also offer personal loans, it is no secret that they have very strict regulations. They also require a long list of requirements many Filipinos have a hard time to provide. Due to this list of requirements, it takes days or even weeks before the bank can approve the loan. On the other hand, Cash Mart offers personal loans with fewer requirements for validation. What’s more good about it is that you don’t need to go to Cash Mart’s office to receive your cash which can be disbursed in just a few hours after your online application – straight to your personal bank account.

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