Cash Mart - Why Filipinos Get CA Or Cash Advances?

Why Cash Advance

We know getting a loan is our last resort when we have already replenished our extra cash and borrowing from a friend or relative is not seemingly a fruitful option. When payday is still a week or a few days away, there are times when certain expenses will just pop up when you think your budget has finally been followed.

Here Are The Reason Why Filipinos Get CA Or Cash Advances

Car Expenses
We are not talking about car financing here. While you keep reminding yourself about your car loan each month, you also have to know that there are other expenses your car will require aside from diesel and regular carwash. You need to keep your car well maintained, and if you rare too stingy to do it, or you are just plain unfortunate, you will have flat tires, air condition which does not cool your car let alone your head during traffic, or discharged battery. Also do not forget your registration renewal.

Loan money to a relative or friend
While most Filipinos will avoid ‘utang’ as much as possible, we are usually willing to do anything to financially help out a friend or a relative in need especially if that person has always been there during your though times.

Pay Utility Bills
We know utility bills have its fluctuation tendencies. Meralco will suddenly announce their price hike when you thought you have already done a fair share of following electricity saving tips. If you missed paying your bills, you will end up swatting flies at night instead of sleeping soundly with an electric fan. You will have to ask your neighbor if you could buy a gallon of water because Maynilad cut off your water supply. Aside from the survival, you also have to swallow your pride since some of your neighbors will surely talk about you.

Buy Groceries
Filipinos are known to be very hospitable, we spend money we don’t have just to keep our visitors comfortable, and thus we buy more groceries than we have anticipated.

Time-sensitive Purchase
You might have been a well-paid individual, yet suddenly the item you have been eyeing for a couple of months went on sale, and you just need a thousand to get your hands on it. It is shameful to borrow from friends as they may look down at you and think you are just feeding your ‘luho.’

To Pay a Debt
There are debts that will be less complicated if you pay now than later. As we know, debts, especially from 5-6 can balloon into double if you can’t pay on time. This usually happens if you are not careful and ended up borrowing from a loan shark. Getting a payday loan to prevent a debt from growing seems like a fair option.

To Avoid Borrowing money from Friends and Family
A lot of Filipinos value their pride, they are even willing to get a short term loan rather than asking help from their families and friends.

Any Day can be Your Salary Day
Filipinos have the common notion of their salary just slipping in between their fingertips. Mainly, this may be due to unforeseen costs such as suddenly increased electricity and water bills, a hospitalization bill, an immediate home renovation or plumbing repair, and the list can go on, ultimately ruining your budget plans. Your salary will seem so small and then you start to worry if you can even survive till the next payday. You don’t want to get a long term loan, since this option does not seem to fit your need. What you want is a short term loan to get you to the next payday.

Instant Cash in Just a Few Steps
We call our loans instant for one reason: we have a quick process. Cash Mart understands your needs may be an emergency, and you need a fast approval as soon as you can. With a sense of urgency, Cash Mart devised a shorter process to review your eligibility and documents. As long as you have proper documents, expect your cash in no time.

Your Personal Information is Safe with Us
Cash Mart has been a trusted moneylender in Singapore for more than four decades, and we aim to build the same reputation in Philippines. While we take pride of our quality payday loan service, we also make sure that your personal info will be taken cared of like it is ours. Our team is comprised of screened professional staff who will discretely handle your info..


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