Cash Mart - Why We Filipinos Take Personal Loans?

A Basic Guide to Personal Loans in the Philippines

Here Are Few Good Reasons Why We Filipinos Take Personal Loans

Numerous personal loans are flexible when it comes to uses. Here in the Philippines, a lot of people do not have a health card aside from PhilHealth, and this health care system is very limited. Thus, when Filipinos feel sick they will not see a physician unless they can no longer walk by themselves. Medical expenses can have ceiling prices, and most of the time, we have to get a loan to pay it off.

Payday or salary loans are the answer to the prayers of those who can’t get cash advance from their companies. You can use this personal loan to buy your necessities such as food and pay off your astounding utilities you had no idea how it had sky rocketed. Most of us do budgeting, yet we also know it is more likely not to be followed if we don’t put in some allowances in our expenses. Prices in our country can fluctuate without any warnings, and if you need that extra cash to stretch your salary, then a payday loan is a brilliant idea.

Certain online loan companies give a specific personal loan for trips, yet most of the lenders are likely to suggest their general personal loan if you want to use your cash for a once in a lifetime getaway. Most young people are now into travelling more than collecting gadgets. As you open your Facebook, you can see friends and relatives going to beaches, hiking, or flying abroad to spend the holiday.

Wedding loans are personal loans specially created to pay off the wedding bills. A lot of couples are now willing to stretch their budget and even spend a little more just to get the perfect wedding.
House loan is a particular loan a lot of people use to fix their houses or have an extension. Some Filipinos even had their house foundations and floorings higher to prevent flood from getting in their homes during rainy seasons.

Debt Consolidation
When you have a couple of debts and you are having a hard a time keeping track on each one’s repayment schedule and amount, then consolidating may be a good idea. With the use of personal loans, you can combine other loans so save up on the interest rate and just pay once a month regularly instead of paying a couple of loans on different schedule. Yet, since you have alighted your burden a little, make sure you won’t slip back to bad spending habits.

Furniture and appliances
Since personal loans are mostly flexible, you can use it anyway you want, including purchasing furniture and appliances for your home. Most Bumbay offers their appliances to be paid on a daily installment.

What Is A Secured Loan?
Secured loans have lower interest rates since it offers less risk for the lenders. This means that you have to use an asset such as a house, a land title, a car or other valuables to get a loan, which the lender can possess and sell in case you fail to repay. Since most lenders can get their money other through repayments or your properties, this loans can easily approved, provided that you have complete requirements and you are eligible.

What Is An Unsecured Loan?
There is no need to have as asset when you get an unsecured loans, though its interest rate can be a bit higher, lending companies still offer competitive rates. If you are building your credit score, some lenders offer personal loans to those with low credit ratings. If you are able to pay diligently, then it will help you nurse your credit score back to health. However, if you fail to pay after a couple of notices, the lender will be forced to file legal actions against you. Cash Mart Philippines’ car loans, salary loans, and OFW loans can be qualified as unsecured loans.

Personal Loans According To Rates

Fixed personal loans
The rate is constant in over the life of your personal loan. It does not change despite the changes in the economy. You can easily budget your monthly finances, however, it can cost higher interest rate and may charge you for prepayments. Prepayment is paying more ahead of your repayment scheme. If your repayment scheme is to pay P4,000 this month, then you can’t pay P5,000 to finish the loan quickly. Not all lenders do this, make sure you get this clear with your loan provider.

Variable rate personal loans
These fast cash loans can change rate at any time during the term. It has lower rates, however, it can get higher over time, making it hard to budget your payments.

How to Choose a Personal Loan
Look for a low interest personal loan with the least minimal range. This means borrow the least you can to avoid being tempted to get the amount you cannot afford to pay. Check if early repayment is charged. Know the amount of penalty the lender gives late repayment. Use a personal loan calculator to see your expected repayment so you can easily see the impact it has on your monthly or bi-weekly budget. Check if there are extra charges aside from the interest rate and processing fee. Also choose the of repayment scheme which easily make repayments at ease. It can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or an agreed date.

Personal Loan Solution Fit to your Lifestyle

You can use your personal loan to take a grand vacation, buy the signature bag you have always wanted, purchase a wedding ring for that grand day, build a startup business, treat your family on a special occasion, spend it in your baby’s christening, and the list can go on. There is no need to sacrifice much on your lifestyle if you are in need of fast cash loans. You can easily apply online through the Cash Mart portal and calculate your personal loan. Then you can call Cash Mart and inquire if you have any further questions. As long as you have all the proper documents, you can get your cash on the same day of application and your repayment will be according to your personalized payment schedule

Security of Personal Information
Our team is ready to assist you anytime you make an enquiry, and to keep our services at its best, be make sure to put up high standards, and this includes keeping your personal information secured. Cash Mart will not divulge any information to any other individual or other businesses. If you want to learn more on how we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us online.

Why Cash Mart Personal Loan is the Better Choice?
While banks also offer personal loans, it is no secret that they have very strict regulations. They also require a long list of requirements many Filipinos have a hard time to provide. Due to this list of requirements, it takes days or even weeks before the bank can approve the loan. On the other hand, Cash Mart offers personal loans with fewer requirements for validation. What’s more good about it is that you don’t need to go to Cash Mart’s office to receive your cash which can be disbursed in just a few hours after your online application – straight to your personal bank account.


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  1. An Unsecured personal loan is a personal loan where the lender has no claim on a homeowner's property should they fail to repay. Instead, the lender is relying solely on the ability of a borrower to meet their loan borrowing repayments.

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