In our previous post I talked about the text/SMS that Moola Lending sent to me about their new name, on November 01, 2018. Ang Moola Lending will no longer used in all their loan services transactions sa parehong name dahil babaguhin na nila ito. 

Walang sinabi kung still active pa rin yong website nila after November 1, 2018 pero sa tantsa ko they will totally closed their Moola Lending website. Ibig sabihin non, hindi na pwedeng doon sa website na iyon gagawin ang loan application natin at titingin sa update ng ating payments.

Ito ang kanila ding sinabi sa kanilang email na pinadala sa atin. Pakibasa po ng mabuti para magabayan tayo.

Edgar, hello!

We are thrilled to announce that Moola Lending is transitioning in to a bigger and better company. Starting on 01.11.2018 we will be officially known as Online Loans Pilipinas or OLP. Our new website address is Online-Loans.ph and will be available on 01.11.2018 at 8 a.m.

For our repeat borrowers we will provide better service. We are working hard to provide you money faster. You are very welcome to join us on Online-Loans.ph on 01.11.2018!

For our new customers we have designed a new application process. It will be more easy to apply for the first loan on Online-Loans.ph. See you on 01.11.2018!

We look forward to more fruitful years with better service and more improvements. See you soon in Online Loans Pilipinas!
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  1. I have a question how to pay the past loan in Moolah lend? Is still I can use the old guide that was send to my email address??



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