Cashme - How to Apply Loan? (New App)

Want sufficient funds for dating? Want the latest phone model? Need a loan to pay rent? 
Now! CashMe is your 1st financial solution to support your financial future! Get cash loans whenever and wherever- just a click away at your fingertips!

What is CashMe?
CashMe is an online cash loan/lending platform in the Philippines which can fully operate through mobile APP. We provide cash lending and loan/credit service based on mobile internet security technology and big-data analysis innovation, so you don't have to borrow money from friends or family, and make your life easier.

How to get your first CashMe loan?
1. Download Cash Me APP ,select the cash loan/credit amount and set repayment schedule.
2. Fill out the application with 4 steps and get approved in 5 minutes.
3. Get a call from our team for updates and application status.
4. Within 5mins~24 hours receive the money in your bank.

Cashme product major features:
1.If you are a Filipino citizen and your age is more than 18 years old, you can apply for a cash loan or cash lending here by using your government issued ID card without any collateral!

2. Safe and transparent data security and protection.
We provide comprehensive protection for your information data security and make clear recommendations in terms and conditions.

About us
Have problem to use CashMe?
Please contact our online service for help.

To download and install the app, please click this link:

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  2. How can i claim my loan ,no available rd pawnshop in my location

  3. No details on my apps how can i pay now..Tom is my due date..Im available ryt now to pay....Im working tom..Pls notify me with an sms ...Thank u ...Asap

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