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Lending Cash is your NO.1 financial solution to support your wonderful life!
Only take 300 seconds to fill the application and get cash or receive money to your bank account within the day, which the fastest cash lender in the Phillipines. 

In Lending Cash, your information is secured. We provide all-round protection for the safety of your information, clearly informed in terms and conditions.

Application: In order to apply for the loan, follow 4 simple steps in application process on Lending Cash APP, no collateral or guarantee needed.

Verification: Lending Cash offers rapid and excellent service, you can complete the application in 5 minutes or less on your Android phone. 
Soon, you might get a call from our team for updates and application status.

Disbursement: Within 5mins~24 hours receive the money in your bank.

LendingCash provide safe, fast and convenient loan service to Filipinos based on mobile internet security technology and big-data analysis innovation.

Download LendingCash and apply a loan application today! Salamart!

In-app features:
- Personal security PIN.
- Track your loan application with My Loan.
- Easy repayment way.
- Fast and responsive customer service.

Who can apply for cash loans from Lending Cash?
- A Philippine citizen who is at least 18 years old.
- A person who has at least one government-issued ID and a valid mobile phone number. 
- A person who is currently employed or has a stable source of income. 

How to repay your cash loan? 
Borrowers will be notified the deadline by SMS, email or telephone calls and reminded to repay their loans. Currently borrowers repay their loans via our payment partner ECPAY or7-Eleven. 
1) Click Repay Now button in Lending Cash and borrowers will be given information for them to use at our payment partner. 
2) Go to any stores of ECPAY or7-Eleven to make a repayment. 
3) Fill out needed information for Bills Payment Form.
4) Repay and receive a payment confirmation receipt.

Download Lending Cash and get a fast cash loan online! Anyone who meet our qualifications is welcome to apply for peso loans from us.


  1. kaelangan ko nang pera gusto kong umotang

  2. how can i download the apps? i cant see it in play store, even in google. thanks



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