U Peso - Kilalanin at Alamin Paano MagLoan?

Bagong app ito pero mukhang marami pa silang dapat i-update sa kanilang app kaya minsan nawawala sa playstore ang U Peso app. Hindi ito ang lumang Upeso kung nakapag-apply na kayo nong lumang Upeso. Bukas pa naman ang lumang Upeso. 

Ang bagong app na ito ay magkaiba din ang link na makikita nyo sa playstore. Unfortunately, nawala na naman ngayong araw ang app na ito. Pero kung gusto nyong subukan, abangan nyo lang na lumitaw uli ang kanilang app sa playstore.

U peso is a cash loan APP applications in Philippines,We provide fast, simple, transparent and secure loan service to Filipinos.no-collateral online cash-lending service to help users solve their problem. It only takes few minutes to fill in application in our platform and the funds will be disbursed after being approved according to the way the clients’ chosen.Get approved within 24 hours, and withdraw the cash in an instant! A tried-and-true processing that doesn’t require collateral nor additional documents.

Core Features

Fastest approval: Get loan application result within 24 hours, and withdraw the cash in an instant!

Loan Amount: Our loan amount range is from ₱ 8,000.00 to ₱ 15,000.00, and the actual loan amount can be adjusted according to your demands.

Product introduction

Loan amount: ₱ 8,000.00 - ₱ 15,000.00

Loan term: 91 days (shortest, including renewal time) - 120 days (longest, including renewal time)

Interest rate:Maximum interest rate is 20%

Interest calculation

If your loan amount is ₱ 10,000, the interest rate is 10%, and the loan is 91 days, then on the due date, the amount payable is ₱ 10,249.3 (10,000 * 10% / 365 * 91 + 10,000).

How does u peso works?

1. Download and install u peso APP on your mobile. Register on u peso with your mobile number.

2. Fill in 4 steps of simple application process on u peso APP. 

3. Submit your loan application and waiting for approval.

4. Upon loan approval, cash is sent directly to your bank account or the nearest Padala Center fast and safe. 

Who can apply for cash loans from u peso?

A Philippine citizen who is at least 18 years old.

A person who has at least one government-issued ID and a valid mobile phone number. 

A person who is currently employed or has a stable source of income. 

Download u peso and get a fast cash loan online!
Para ma download at ma install ang kanilang app, click this link para ma-download nyo agad:

Contact us: +63-9165507856

Email: gogonaming@gmail.com

Address: BPI Condo Plaza, Cervantes Street, Binondo, Manila

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