Pera Express - How To Apply a Loan?

Pera Express is an online lending platform that helps the financial problems of Filipinos. We simplify the lending service in the Philippines in order for everyone to gain easier access to financing. You only need an ID to submit an application. Quick and easy. By simplifying access to lending, everyone can have a better life.

-Easy requirements
-Simple process, only need ID
-Quick verification, 5-minute verification
-5-minute disbursement
-Easy payment method

-Minimum of 18 years old
-Full time job
-Fixed mobile number

*Loan process*
1. Download application
2. Fill in data
3. Verification process
4. Disbursement

*Product Description*
Loan Amount: 3000Pesos - 10000Pesos
Tenure: 91 days - 120 days
Interest : max 14% per year 

In order to use our lending services, we need a few of your personal information. We keep our users' privacy and will not give out your personal information to a third party without your consent.

*Contact Us*
Phone number: 09955598396

Office hours:
Monday - Friday 08:30AM-5:30PM

Para mahanap ang app sa playstore at ma-download and ma-install ito, please click this link:



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