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Bagong app lang ito pero marami na ang nakakahiram sa kanila. As per advice ng mga nakahiram na, be a good payer para makakaulit kapa. Majority ng mga nagpost ng kanilang review sa playstore, nakapag repeat loan na sila. Kung nangangailangan kayo ngayon, pwede nyong i-try ang lending app na ito.

If you are short of cash and are trying to find a reliable loan application to borrow money, please contact our cash loan and online loan service from us.We help those in need of fast cash lending services, and our low interest rate peso lending strategy helps you keep your finances in order.

How does it work?
* Download the app and register for an account using your mobile number
* Secure your identity in 3 simple steps through the app - no paperworks needed!
* Choose your desired loan amount and preferred repayment schedule
* Your cash is sent to your bank account in 30 minutes*!

Key Product Features:
* Seamless online experience.
* No cumbersome paperwork! Apply entirely online, submitting your IDs and other documents all in our app. You can even apply for a loan using just one valid I.D.
* Funding in as fast as 24 hours!*
Your money goes directly to your bank account once your loan is successful.

Low interest rates:
Very low interest rates, fixed monthly payments, and no hidden fees.
Interest rate starts from as low as 3.95% with flexible loan term options from 15 - 45 days. A minimal one-time processing fee of 4% of loan amount is required.
Example: A loan amounting to ₱5,000 with terms of 30 days, will pay ₱5,405.4, inclusive of interest rate and processing fee.

Para makita nyo agad ang lending app na ito, please visit and registrer through this link:

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