Batis Loan

Extra cash on the go! Use Batis Loan for your urgent needs. 

Batis Loan is an online app providing financial service to customers. No collateral nor additional ocuments! On Batis Loan, you only need to fill out the entries for personal data and submit a government ID. Experience a quick and reliable outcome from us! 

Terms of loan:
If you are a Filipino citizen and your age is more than 18 years old, you can apply here.

Loan amount: 
₱ 3,000.00 - ₱ 7,000.00
The initial loan is 3000 peso, with the increase in the number of loans , you can borrow up to 
7000 peso.

Fast process of application: 
1. Download Batis Loan app. 
2. Sign up to be a user.
3. Fill out the entries for personal data.
4. Data will be analyzed by a Batis Loan employee.
5. Once approved, user can withdraw the loan amount from the chosen withdrawal channel.

Application requirements:
1. Mobile number.
2. Minimum monthly income.
3. Government ID. 

 Private Policy:
To protect the privacy of all consumers, we will not provide any consumer information to either party without your consent.

Loans from Batis Loan can be used for various financial purposes, including educational expenses for children, holiday extras, credit for new phones, payment of mortgages, and other uses.

Para mahanap agad ang lending app na ito sa Playstore, we encourage you to follow this link:

Please panoorin ang video tutorial namin sa Youtube channel na USAPANG PERA TV at huwag kalimutang mag-SUBSCRIBE and also click the BELL button para makakatanggap kayo ng notification o ALERT kapag may bago kaming video tutorial sa isang lending apps o lending company.


  1. Anyone from batis loan here?
    Can u check if your employee a loan reviewer ask outside of your app and instructed us to send our documents in her fb is this legit??

  2. How can i pay my account if already spread notes from my contacts??? Pls respect ur client!!! Every actions have a consequences remember??? U you will be reported at NPC? Dont threatened us because we both know you're not registered nor following lending policies!!! Ur employees so rude!!! If u want to bring this into legal dept wat I've texted from us then how i assure u ur d 1 whose goin to imprisonment!!! Stop txting us!!! Ok..

  3. Where is your exact addresss im interested to came personaly Ma'am/ Sir

  4. Good afternoon!
    This is from PLID DEPARTMENT of BATIS LOAN this is your last chance to settle your payment until 5PM, if you failed to pay on your loan we have access on your contacts and facebook friends we will contact them then send your pictures and ID's while you are loaning on us. And we will forwarded you for blacklisting (NBI and Police Clearence: Bad debt record) Please cooperate with us to avoid contacting your phone contacts and to inform them about your loan. Thank you.
    Is this how you HARASS your clients? I am trying to ask a favor and I know my obligation but you guys are very UNPROFESSIONAL???

  5. Why i cannot get the money now your system has a problem according to machine teeller at m luiller cannot be procces


  7. Nagsettle ako khapon ng loan ako dahil sabi nyo my promo kyo at mapprocess agad y g reloan ko yun pla pinaasa nyo lng ako

  8. bakit po ala pa ung loan q? i already receive the loan information but i did not receive the loan amount.. according to mlhuilier may system error daw..



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