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In need of cash, fast? Biscuits will fill your wallet in 2-easy steps. No need to write long heart-felt letters for application and no more waiting! A couple of taps on your mobile phone and money will be transferred to your bank account, real time.

Safe and Secured account.
We made sure that your account is highly secured. During first sign-up, you will be asked a couple of security questions to check your identity. Upon verification, set up a PASSWORD and PIN CODE which we highly recommend that you don’t share with anyone else. 

Salary Loan
You are allowed a maximum of 60% of your monthly salary. This guarantees that you still have enough cash to alot to other things aside from your loan. Since this is a salary loan, there’ll be no hassle to pay us. Paybacks are salary deducted which will only start on the 2nd pay day from the date you took your loan. 

2 Easy Steps
Once you’re successfully logged in, all you have to do is to select how much loan you need then review your loan details such as payback dates, payback amount and loan agreement. Check provided tick boxes to express your agreement and SUCCESS! Money is transferred to your registered bank account.

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