ANDALI By Asiagroup Finance Corporation

Simple, fast, and easy financing with ANDA.LI!

It's simple. With ANDA.LI, there is no need for bulky documents - all it takes is a short form, your business papers, and your latest invoice.

It's fast. There is no need to wait long, with ANDA.LI, you are guaranteed to be processed in as quick as 7 business days or less!

It's easy. With ANDA.LI, business financing is now effortless and facile.

How does it work?

• Find ANDA.LI on Google Play Store
• Download and register with your phone number
• Provide your identity information
• Choose your desired loan amount and payment period
• Expect loan decision via SMS within 24 hours for Personal Loan and 7 days for Business Loan
• Choose different ways for disbursement
• Build your credit with ANDA.LI to get higher amount by paying back on time

What to expect on ANDA.LI?

1. Paperless Online Experience
For Personal Loan, there is no need to fill out a conventional form, neither go out to sign a contract because all of the processes will be done online using your smartphone. It will only take a minute to apply.

2. Safe and Confidential
ANDA.LI protects all users' data and won't be disclosed to any parties.

3. Service with Quality
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via online service provided by the app or you may reach us at, (02) 898-3889, (+63) 917-535-8956 (Globe), (+63) 939-525-8223 (Smart).

Repayment Process

• We will notify you of the due date via SMS to remind you when to repay the loan
• You can choose different ways to repay your loan. Upon successful repayment, ANDA.LI will send you an SMS served as payment confirmation.

More About Us:

ANDA.LI is a financial solution that gives individual or business owners an easy access to financial products that can be used for personal purposes and by entrepreneurs in order to fund their short term financing requirements during the growth stage of their business.

WALA pang maraming reviews ang lending app na ito sa playstore. Sa nag-iwan ng feedbacks, lahat sila hindi pa approved ang kanilang loan. Wala ding response mula sa company kung anong dahil bakit 6 days ay wala pa ring na-approved. Maaaring mabusisi ang lending app na ito kung kaya natagalan. Malamang may lumang lending app ito kaya medyo mahigpit na sila sa pag-approved ng loan.

However, kung need nyo ng mauutangan ngayon maaari nyong subukan pero yong tipong huwag umasa baka madismaya lang kayo. Malay din natin, sa daming nag-apply, kayo pa ang unang ma-approved. Para mahanap ang kanilang app sa playstore, sundan nyo lang ang link na ito:

You can also access ANDA.LI through their website:


  1. This is a fraud Loaning service, they will just collect your information and will have you wait for more than a week then will message you that you did not pass their assessment, check their app review and review in Facebook, they will only entertain who are asking how to apply and will promise they'll get their loan in 24 hours. But in really they will just get your information and have you wait for nothing. Report them NPC, I'm reporting them to Google Play so that their app will be removed from the app store..

  2. Let's see... Fake name, fake account. Maybe you're one of those who did not get approved because you owe other loan agencies too. Hoping you can get past negative findings. Why don't you use your real name kung mag-rereklamo ka rin lang naman sa NPC at sa Google Play Store?

    Yung mga nagrereklamo sa Facebook, malamang they're just like you. Mga mahilig mangutang tapos hindi magbabayad. Isa ka siguro sa tinakasan ang utang sa Home Credit o baka credit card fraudster ka.

  3. INVICTUS ehy... Let's see... Fake name, fake account. I'll humor you and use William Ernest Henley because I know you'll get owned in a while.

    You can't have anything against this company or any other loan apps 'cos the moment you submitted your loan application to them, you agreed to their Terms and Conditions. But seeing how you complain, we can already tell you're just a sourpuss because you're one of those who got declined a loan.

    Baka naman kasi mahilig ka mangutang kaya ka na-decline. May utang sa Home Credit or sa ibang banks. Baka credit card fraudster ka pa kaya di ka nila pinautang.

    Problema sa mga katulad mo, kayo na nangungutang, kayo pa galit. Di naman kayo nagpatago ng pera para magmadali na makakuha ng pera sa mga lending apps na yan!



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