What is Maxloan
With the name ‘Max’, Maxloan target to provide Filipino customers with max financial mobility to help you in most accessible way whenever and wherever. Our loan app will be able to process your application in a very secure way with the shortest time. 

How dose Maxloan work?
-Download Maxloan on GooglePlay Store.
-Register with your mobile number to become our customer.
-Provide your personal and identification information in order to help us to evaluate your qualification and limits of your loan. 
-Based on the information you filled out, expect your loan decision from 5min – 12 hrs. 
-Build up your loan limit by paying back on time.

Loan Related Introduction
Loan amount: P4000 – P10000
Loan Term: No less than 91 days
Annual Interest Rate: Up to 10.05%

Advantages of Maxloan 
[Simple To Apply]
No Collaterals needed in any kinds, can get loan limit by simply fill out our online loan application.

Paperless Online Experience
No need to fill out any paper contract or agreement, all steps will be done through our mobile app.

Rapid Approval
If you satisfy all our qualification, will be able to get a loan approval within 5min. 

Increasing Limits
Maxloan provide higher limits and lower interest rate to our repeat and loyal users.

Return a Loan
Maxloan will notify you of the deadline by SMS. Users can repay the loan by e-wallet and Pawnshops. Upon successful payback transactions, Maxloan will automatically receive proof of payment and mark your loan as paid in the system, as the same time increase your limit for your next loan.

Company Information:
Maxloan is an app under Fortune Financing Corp with a SEC registration number of CS201908005

Any Questions, We are willing to help you
Please reach out to us at (02)5152719 or (02)6925434

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