Peso Cash

Peso Cash is a loan platform. It has the advantages of quick application and high quota. helping you to have good credit and quick increase!

loan features
- Mobile loan: It is simple, fast and convenient with the loan.
- Online loan: Loan mobile phone online application, direct lending to bank card, cebuana, lending quickly.

Loan advantage
- Anytime, anywhere, I want to borrow
-Automatic approval, within 24 hour to the account
- Security

application process
1. mobile phone download and install Peso Cash APP
2. Choose the loan time and loan amount you need.
3. Fill in the information as required, submit the application after confirmation
4. After the approval, the money will be directly credited to the bank card.
5. Repayment on time according to the lending rules

Conditions for obtaining a loan:18-55 years old
Tenor: 91 days - 120 days
Interest: 1% /Day
Maximum APR 20%
Transaction Fee 0
Other fees we will charge one time service fee(per transaction). Minimum 10%, Maximum 20%

Example: 91-day loan; 16% service fee (on-time repayment)
Amount of Principal: PHP 5000
Amount of Service Fee: PHP 800
Amount of interest:PHP 700 
Total: PHP 6500 

About us
Have problem to use Peso Cash.
Please contact our online service for help.
Address:433 R.Pascual St. Bargy Pleasant Hills,Mandaluyong City,Metro Manila,Philippines.

Para madaling mahanap ang lending app na ito sa playstore, sundan nyo lang ang link na ito:

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