Cashafin provides you the most efficient and time-saving online loan service in Philippine. It’s also applying with the leading big data analysis technology to offer you a fast and secured loan experience.

The loan term:
- Loan Tenure: minimum 91 days, maximum 120 days
- Annual interest rate (APR): up to 28%

Example of a successful loan:
- Principal amount: PHP 6,000
- Loan Tenure: 3 months
- Interest rate: 2% per month
- PHP 6,000 / 3 = PHP 2,000 + PHP 30 interest per month
- The total repayment per month is PHP 2030

** This calculation may differ for each customer according to his/her loan repayment history, loan amount and tenure.
** Our fees are always transparent to look up. Interest and fees won’t compound or accrue.

3 reasons to choose Cashafin:
- Transparent fees and interests
- High quality privacy and security
- Friendly and responsive customer service

How to apply in Cashafin?
- Install our app and open
- Get your ID card prepared
- Register and complete your profile
- Choose your loan amount and tenure as you want

Basic requirements:
- Age between 18 years old and 60 years old
- Philippine citizen
- Valid ID card
- Has a job and stable income

How to contact us?
- Hotline: 0926-706-2546 (Monday to Saturday 8:00AM-7:00PM )
- Email:
- 42 Poblete, Project 4, Lungsod Quezon, 1800 Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines

Install our app now and get your first loan as quick as in 20 minutes! We’re at your service.


  1. I got a control number but can not be found in any EEC remitance center. 5days still can not claim

  2. Hello I got a control number but I cannot claim Tru ML because of skypay please reply to me what other option to claim the money

  3. I have a loan start since August 5 2019 , but mlhulier connected to my load their sky access has error service please help me what to do

  4. I didnt get the money because until now its offline the Sky pay

  5. How can i recieve my loans.i did'nt receive control number or even text from you guys....please response

  6. How can i recieve my loans.i did'nt receive control number or even text from you guys....please response

  7. Where,until when is my loan and how can i pay it?

  8. how can i make payment? thanks.

  9. Good day! I am emily campo have applied a loan from your company through your online application. I wasnt able to get it. Then I received a notice that it is due on sept 3? How can i get my loan from you. Is there a way please inform me now. Thank you

  10. Good day! My loan application has been approved. But i can't claim the money because SKYBRIDGE is not available in m.lhuiller in our area..what can i do?

  11. Good day !!! How to repay may loan ?? I open the app. Pero walang nakalagay qng panu at ang help center ayy NOT FOUND ANG NAKALAGAY



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