Coin Box

Coin Box is an online loan app where you can get easy and quick loans. It’s a premier lending platform in Philippines providing loan service to who in needs. You can get loans from PHP4,000 to PHP20,000 in just a few only 4 steps. After verification, you can get loan disbursement immediately. Repaying on time can get you higher credit for higher loan amount.

- Quick and easy loan application process
- Rather reasonable interest rates
- Very responsive customer service
- Fast loan application approval process

How does it work? 
1. Download and install Coin Box, and register with your phone number
2. Fill in the required information, choose the loan you want to apply and submit your loan application
3. Wait for loan approval, usually, it takes from 10mins to 24 hours
4. Loan sent to your Gcash account or remittance centers where you can claim immediately.

1. Phone number
2. Valid government ID
3. Stable income
4. Age between 18-50 years old

Coin Box Information
- Amount:₱4,000-₱20,000
- Tenor: Maximum 120 days
- Interest and fee: from 1% to 4%

Example: 100-days loan with an interest rate of 15%/year, service fee ₱ 500, and the principal amount is ₱ 10,000. Total receipt amount is ₱9500 (10000-500) ,and total payment is ₱ 10410.95(10000*15%/365*100+10000). The APR is 33.25%((500+15%*10000*100/365)/10000*365/100)

How to contact us?
Our email:

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  1. hindi ko mkita ang application approved na sana ako kaso nadelete ung app sa cp ko hndi ko na madownload uli. Pakihelp nmn po kung panu ko maistall uli ung app.. anung link po gamitin..

  2. Bkit di ko na po makita apps neto..

  3. Sir how much po yung babayaran ko ?



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