Peso Pagasa

Brand new experience enjoying Peso Pagasa, an online lending platform. Peso Pagasa is a safe and fast platform in Philippines where you can get short term cash loan with easy application process, affordable interests and convenient repayment. Our stable and well-developed lending system will make your fast cash loan possible and really help to solve your recent financial problem. 

What we offer: 
1.Only online application needed, several minutes’ process and you can get a loan credit limit. Once you agree with the credit and you are willing to get the loan, you are just one click away from the pesos of pagasa. 

2.Low Interest Rate: Borrowers can afford to repay their online cash loans. 

3. Even faster to reloan. We are dedicated to providing easier and faster reloan. Approval process would be no more than 5 minutes.

4.No Hidden Fees: Peso Pagasa lists specific details about users’ repayment amount, and our repayment policies for cash loans are transparent. Users won’t be extra charged besides than. 

5.Safe and Secure: Peso Pagasa values personal privacy and protects personal data to keep it confidential. 

Who can apply:
1.Philippine citizen over 18 years old,

2. Currently employed or has stable income

3. With at least one government-issued ID and a valid mobile phone number. 

How to apply:
1.Install cash loan app Peso Pagasa and register with your own phone number.

2.Fill out the online application form(the more correct information uploaded, the higher credit you may get). 

3.Wait for loan credit approval and confirm your loan request.

4.Claim your personal loan. 

How to claim the loan:
Easily get money at cash pickup stores you have chosen through the application, for example, you can get cash loan at the counter in M.Lhuiller. You can also choose GCash and, the loan would be transferred to your account in several minutes. 

How to repay: 
Users will be notified the deadline by SMS or telephone calls to repay their personal loans. Repay online loans via following options:
1. 7-Eleven: Go to 7-Eleven and repay via CLiQQ machine or CLiQQ app. 
2. GCash: Open GCash app, click Pay Bills to access Loans option to repay.
Download Peso Pagasa and experience easier, more efficient cash loan than ever! 

Terms and Conditions:
Peso Pagasa charges service fee and loan interest;
Settle loan balances on or before due date to avoid late charge fees. 
Please treasure your user credit by on-time repayment every time. Trust building is required for any further online loan, any default or overdue might cause negative influence towards online cash loan on various platforms.

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