Phily Kredit

Phily Kredit is a credit big data-based lending platform that allows citizens across the Philippines to quickly access high-efficiency, high-volume, low-risk loans in just a few simple steps. We have a sophisticated risk control system and secure Funding to provide you with safe and reliable financial services.

Product advantages:
(1) The required information is simple, only one mobile phone is needed.
(2) Respond quickly and feedback the approval results in real time.
(3) Low cost, one-time charge.
(4) High pass rate, advanced risk control engine.

Access Requirement:
(1) At least 18 years old.
(2) Have an identity document.
(3) Living in the Philippines.
(4) There is stable work.

Phily Kredit will ask you to provide some personal information (identity information, bank account information, etc.) for verification purposes only, for the purpose of identity verification only. Phily Kredit guarantees and is committed to maintaining the information you provide. By using a professional security system, all your information data will be secure and will not be used for other purposes.

Para mahanap agad ang lending app na ito, pakisundan nyo lang po ang link na kasunod nito:

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