What is Cashaso?
Cashaso is a free online loan app which provides easy and instant loan service in the Philippines. Whenever you need financial help, you can turn to us. After signing up, you can apply for a loan from ₱3,000 to ₱20,000. Our advanced technology helps you get financial freedom and protects your privacy in the meantime.

What do you need to get a quick loan?
- Valid ID card
- Age between 18 and 60
- Philippine citizen
- Stable income

Product introduction:
- Loan amount: ₱3,000 - ₱20,000
- Loan term: 91 days - 120 days
- Maximum annual interest rate: 28%
- Transaction Fee: 0
- Service fees: ₱300 - ₱1,000
* For example: if your loan amount is ₱6,000, the interest rate is 2% per month and the term is 3 months, the repayment will be ₱2,030 per month. (₱6,000 / 3 + ₱30).

How does it work?
- Install the Cashaso app at Google Play
- Register and provide your identity information
- Get your loan
- Increase your loan amount by repaying on time

Why choose us?
- Paperless online experience 
- Fast loan application process
- High approval rate
- Never need to worry about information security

Want to know more about us?
- Hotline: 09569039757 (Monday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.)
- Email:
- Address: Room 405, Floor 5th, Hernandez Bldg, Evangelista St, V Belarmino St, Makati, Philippines

Download the app and get your first online loan now!

Para mahanap agad ang lending app na ito sa Playstore, we encourage you to follow this link:


  1. Dear Mam / Sir ,

    This is to complained regarding the over payment of my loan w/ contract number SKY731001265910 which i paid last August 19,2019 thru Seven Eleven ( kindly see below screen shot ).

    As per my contract , the amount due is only 3,000 but i erroneously paid 4,300.00 w/ Reference Number 1923-1174-7294.
    One of your CSR called me up yesterday August 20,2019 around 10:51 am w/ mobile number of 09951512338 , she told me that she will be the one to coordinate but as of this writing NO FEEDBACK.

    I need to claim the said Over payment & to be credited to my account.

    Please consider this as my first follow up.

    Hope to hear feedback from you the soonest possible.



    1. Mam may i ask your help?how to repay in cashaso?

    2. Try nyo pong i message sila sa kanilang app, kami po ay usapangpera at wala kaming access sa account nyo.

    3. I pay fully paid today august 28, 2019, even my due date is august 29, 2019, but when i reloan it states that the product is empty. Hows that,?

  2. Sir/ maam tapos na po ako magbayad gusto ko mag loan ulit bakit e open ko yung app may nakasulat na The product is empty try again later paano po ako magloan

  3. After i pay my loan, suddenly no product is available? Hnd n mpasok ang app nyo. Bkit kayo nanloloko ng client nyo?

  4. I would like to ask why i was rejected, since im already your user. You texted me informing that your app is already fixed and that i can loan again.. But when i applied for reloan you denied or rejected my application ans said to reapply after 7 days. Its just so dissappointing.

  5. gusto ko na pong magbyad kaht wala pa due kaya lang di ko makita kung saan i click ang to make payment

  6. i want to make payment kaht di ko pa due.pero di ko makita kung saan ang how to make payment...rowena sediaco,,,09974932922

  7. Un nkalagay pong interest rate nila s add ay mali... Pag nghram po ng 2k... In 7days your due is 3.

  8. 2000 due aftr 7days for 3000

  9. Un nkalagay pong interest rate nila s add ay mali... Pag nghram po ng 2k... In 7days your due is 3.

  10. Un nkalagay pong interest rate nila s add ay mali... Pag nghram po ng 2k... In 7days your due is 3000.



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