Friday, August 16, 2019


How about us?
We think that everyone has the right to enjoy the financial. CashFlyer can offer faster, easier, safer finance service to Filipinos based on mobile internet security technology and big-data analysis innovation.

Loan information
1.Loan Amount: PHP1,000-PHP12,000
2.Loan Term:3 months -9 months
3.APR: Minimum APR 15%, Maximum APR 30%
4.Service fee: from PHP 300 to PHP 1,200
5. Transaction fee:0 
Example: The principal amount is PHP 12,000 and loan term is 9 months, service fee 10%(PHP1,200) . Total receipt amount is PHP10,080 (12000-1200);
Total payment is PHP 12,762 (PHP1,418x9 months), The APR is 15%.

Philippine citizen at least 18 years old 
valid phone number

Steps to Apply
1.Download and register with your mobile phone number 
2.Choose amount and term that you need
3.Fill your information that we need
4.Pick up money at the nearest pickup centers or get it which transferred to your bank account

Our advantage
1.Rapid evaluation speed and credited into account as fast as within 1-2 office day
2.No paper contract need. Simply apply on your mobile phone within 5 minutes. 
3.Affordable amount and repayment term. It¡¯s easy and flexible indeed. 
4.Amount will increase and some charges will decrease for reborrower

Steps to repay
1.We will send you SMS and remind you when to repay can repay by bank transfer or 7 eleven or other offline-centers are supported
3.The earlier repayment, the higher credit you¡¯ll get for reborrowing

How to contact us?
Talk to Us in CashFlyer App. We will contact you as soon as possible
Adress : Oro-B Street, San Andres Bukid, San Andres Bukid, Manila, 1017 Metro Manila

Download the app and get your first online loan now!

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  1. Ok npo ba ung cashout nyo sa m. Lhullier kahapon po kc wla

  2. Ok npo ba ung cashout nyo sa m. Lhullier kahapon po kc wla

  3. Ok npo ba ung cashout nyo sa m. Lhullier kahapon po kc wla

    1. Maam/sir nakapag claim napo ba kayo Mlhullier. Kasi diko po alam kung anong gawin ko. Code lng yung binigay sa akin walang senders name

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  5. Ganun din sakin wala ako utang s inyo kz wala akong nakuhang pera s inyo tapos cningil nyo ako arw arw ntubo nwala nmn ako utan tapos ayw nyo mag bgay ng contact number nyo paano mkkpagusap s inyo

  6. Kasuhan natin cla ng harrasment, paglabag privacy data act of 2012, paggamit ng sangay ng gobyerno sa pananakot at iba pang pangalan, pagiging hnd rehistrado sa SEC at bangko sentral, tignan ntn yang kalokohan nio hanggang saan