InstaPeso is an online cash loan platform in Philippine. After you submit loan application, the platform will immediately verify the data, and if your application is approved, the platform will immediately send money to your account.
Submitting several loan applications will increase your level of approval! Five-star praise will increase your approval level!

Why choose InstaPeso? 

1. Fast and Easy Process 
InstaPeso will not let you do a very complicated application, just need 5 minutes to finish the loan application.

2. Non-Collateral 
Loans without collateral or guarantees. Only by completing your personal data and submitting the required data.

3. Easy Access and 24-Hour Service 
InstaPeso is very easy to use, it can be used whenever and wherever you are. You can also contact our customer service every day for 24 hours!

4. Safe and Reliable 
Our CREDIBILITY has been certified by the Government of Philippine, and we guarantee to protect our customer’s privacy and personal information.

Conditions for borrowing:
1. Aged 18+ years.
2. A Philippine citizen and domiciled in Philippine.
3. Have income.

Loan steps:
1. Download the application.
2. Fill in the data for the loan application.
3. Waiting for the verification process.
4. Funds will be immediately disbursed into your account after approval.
5. Pay before due date to build your credit and can borrow higher amount and longer tenor.

InstaPeso Product Description 

Loan Limit: ₱ 2,000 - ₱ 10,000
Loan Tenor: 61 days (minimum, including renewal time) - 112 days (maximum, including renewal time)
Service Fee: 5% - 25% per month ( 60 - 300% APR )

Example: If you choose a 10,000 loan amount with an interest rate of 10%, then on the due date, you must pay 10,000 * (1 + 10%) = 11,000

-Further information -
Address :108 Esteban, Legaspi Village, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines
Customer Service: 09150116521 / Email:
Contact time: Monday-Friday 09: 00-18: 00

Come on, immediately download & install the InstaPeso application and enjoy the various comforts of our financial loan services!
Fast and reliable to meet your financial needs!

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