TOP 5 Best and Recommended Lending App

Choose from any of the Top 5 Lending Apps in the Philippines that will give you a satisfying loan services in terms of the following:
1. Interest Rate
2. Fast and Easy Process
3. Less Requirements
4. More choices of Disbursement
5. CSR

1. Tala
Join millions of satisfied Tala customers who have grown their businesses, paid for school fees, and managed expenses with peace of mind.

Loan approval takes less than 5 minutes. And you’ll have cash sent to your bank account, wallet, or the nearest padala center within 24 hours.

*Tala charges a service fee of 11-15% of principal (EIR**: 15.0-15.7%; APR: 182.5-191.2%). Maximum late fee is 8% of the balance outstanding at the time of default. . Tala will never charge you more than the amount of your service fee (plus, if you do not repay on time, a one-time late fee). Interest and fees do not compound or accrue. To qualify, a borrower must be a resident of the Philippines and satisfy Tala’s know-your-customer and underwriting requirements. Tala Financing Philippines Inc. (SEC Registration No.: CS201710582; TIN: 009-614-758; Certificate of Authority No.: 1132). Additional terms and conditions apply.

Effective Interest Rate (EIR) expressed as interest rate per month.

Kung nagustuhan mo ang guide ko at sa effort na ginawa ko para mapaliwanag sa iyo kung ano ang kaibahan ni Tala sa ibang lending company online, please po gamitin nyo ang aking REFERRAL CODE: 138020 or click this link:

For more information on how to apply online, we invite you to read and watch our full guide through this link:

2. Cashalo
Cashalo is a Filipino technology and financial services company. Cashalo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Oriente (whose founders are behind internet giants Skype and JG Summit Holdings, Inc. is a strategic partner of Oriente.

We believe every Filipino can achieve the life they aspire to have by nurturing their financial well-being.

Cashalo is an app that provides digital credit designed for Filipinos, by Filipinos. The app’s name itself is a combination of two words: Cash and Kasalo, which means "to have a partner for your finances".

How much is the interest rate?
Cashalo give the most competitive rates in the market. Fixed monthly interest rate is only 4.95%.

Kung gusto nyo ng mabilisang pag-apply, you can apply directly through this link:

Join the thousands of Filipinos using Cashalo to take control of their financial future.

For more information on how to apply online, we invite you to read and watch our full guide through this link:

3. Umbrella
Money when need : Affordable short-term micro-loans at your fingertips. No bank account, references or collateral required. Minimal, one-time documentation.

Our purpose is to provide money when you need at rates that you can afford. Before you borrow, you will know every single fee we charge upfront. Small penalty charges applicable for late payment which will be transparent. There are no hidden charges. No fineprints.

Umbrella will transfer loans to your GCash Wallet or Cebuana. You can pay your loans across all 7-11 stores, over 30,000 EC Pay partner locations across the country and via Gcash Bill Payment too.

Interest rates
They have this transparency principle that they believe in to. Here’s the Umbrella loan calculations:

The interest rates vary depending on the loan value and the repayment duration you chose.
There are no interest charged on the service fee.
Before you hit confirm and all set, you can review your loan calculations. In that way, there will be no hidden charges. That’s how their transparency works.

Yes they charged also service fees. Base on their transparency code, service fee is applicable depending on how much you take to cover that duration.
If non-payment of weekly or monthly installment a small penalty of the outstanding amount will be charged.
And your two continuous attempts of non-payment of weekly dues will result in your account being blocked.

Umbrella soon to launch a high value, low interest and long term employee loans. Stay tuned!

For more information on how to apply online, we invite you to read and watch our full guide through this link:

4. Atome
Atome is a brand of Neuroncredit Financing Company, Inc., a Financial Technology company that is working to advance financial inclusion for each and every Filipino. Neuroncredit Financing Company, Inc is a subsidiary of Neuroncredit Pte Ltd (Singapore), which uses technology from Advance. AI for faster and better loan processing.

Atome is a trustworthy loan lending platform in Philippines. We provide fast, simple, transparent and secure loan service to Filipinos.

Who can apply for loan?
Employed, ages 18-55 with Android phones

Huwag kalimutang gamitin ang aming REFERRAL CODE para mayron kayong P100 na mababawas sa interest ng inyong loan. 

Ito ang referral code namin: ONT381

Pwede ka ring mag apply directly sa link na ito: 

Interest rates at 0.8% per day. Fast and easy loan approval. 

Note: Be careful on your due date because their collectors are rude and their system will send text blast to all your contacts.

For more information on how to apply online, we invite you to read and watch our full guide through this link:

5. Meloan
MeLoan App is the first Fintech Service that offers loan for both Student and Employee in the Philippines. A tech-and-touch, effortless and fast loan application anytime, anywhere just right in your smartphone.

Provide easy and fast financial support to all on-going student and employee on the go nationwide!

Product feature:
• Quick Student and Employee Loan, fast profile auditing, get your loan approved on the same day!
• No hassle for borrowers, with just simple requirements.
• No collaterals, user-friendly, real-time access to loan progress.
• Easy repayment and transparent service.

Interest rate at 0.5% per day.

Please use our Referral code: 74FV2R
Or you can apply loan directly to our referral link: 

For more information on how to apply online, we invite you to read and watch our full guide through this link:

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