Peso Plus

Peso Plus is a trustworthy fast cash app in Philippines. You can apply for a personal online cash for instant approval. No risk, no personal visits and no complex documentation. It’s simple and easy. Need cash for shopping, travel, medical or any other emergency needs? Let Peso Plus help you.

Production Low interest and flexible repayment.
Loan term :91 days - 120 days
The amount we here offer is at P1500 - P50,000. As for the actual amount, it can be adjust depending on your own need.
Loan interest: up to 15%/year (APR)
Service fee: 10%-35%
Transaction fee: zero

For example, if amount is at P10000, term is 100 days,Service fee is 11%,APR is 10%,then the repayment amount will be at P11373

**Total repayment amount is=10000*10%/365*100+10000*11%+10000=11373

** This example may differ for each user refer to his/her credit history, loan amount and term.
** Our fees are always transparent. Interest and fees are not compounded or accumulated.

**Why choose us**
1.No paperwork needed.
2.No collateral and guarantee required.
3.Low interest rate
4.Fast review and instant pay out.

**How it works**
1.Download Peso Plus application.
2.Register a personal account in the app.
3.Choose your amount and term.
4.Fill in info.
5. Review and cash disbursement.

**How to claim the cash**
Claim at cash pickup stores you have chosen through the application.
Pickup stores we supported: M.Lhuiller, GCash and
The would be transferred to your account in several minutes.

**How to repay**
SMS and telephone calls reminding you when to repay
Online: you can repay by bank transfer, CLiQQ app or GCash.
Offline: 7 eleven CLiQQ machine or other offline-centers are supported
The earlier repayment, the higher credit you’ll get for reborrowing.

** Requirement**
1.Philippine citizen aged over 18
2.Stable income
3.Government-issued ID and a valid mobile phone number. 

**Contact us**
Address: 689, Quiapo, Manila, 1108 Metro Manila, Philippines
For any inquiries, kindly contact our online customer service or reach us at email.

**Privacy Policy**

Download the app and get your first online loan now!

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