Credit Peso I A Microdot Lending Corporation

Why choose Credit Peso
★ Credit Peso is a product of MICRODOT LENDING CORPORATION. MICRODOT LENDING CORPORATION is a legally registered loan company in the Philippines. The products it operates are in compliance with policies and regulations, and all business activities are subject to policies and regulations.

★ Credit Peso is an online product that does not require collateral and guarantee. It is committed to providing convenient and fast online loans, allowing you to achieve rapid capital turnover and solve the problem of using funds.

★Credit Peso is committed to providing you with convenient online loans without warranty or mortgage. With Credit Peso, you don't have to spend time on complex and lengthy processes.

★ Credit Peso's product information is transparent, so users can get the latest loan information and choose loan products independently.

Credit Peso Product introduction
★ Super high amount: 3000-15000 Philippine pesos;
★ Long term: 91-180 days, the specific period must be determined by credit evaluation;
★ Interest rate: 20% - 25% per year
★ APR: 29.7%-34.7%per year
★ Service fee: PHP400
★ For example
If the loan amount is PHP15,000 for 100 days and the interest rate is 20%, you will receive PHP 15000-400=14,600. You need to repay 15000*20%/365*100+15000 = PHP15,822. The APR is 29.7% = (15,822-14600)/15000/100*365
If the loan amount is PHP15,000 for 100 days and the interest rate is 30%, you will receive PHP 15000-400=14,600. You need to repay 15000*25%/365*100+15000 = PHP16,028. The APR is 34.7% = (16,028-14600)/15000/100*365

Core Features:
★ Transparency: All fees will be stated at the time of the loan and no other fees will be authorized.

★ Convenient and fast: You can apply with a valid ID card without collateral and guarantee;

★ Simple operation: download the application, select the quota, submit the data, approve and publish.

★ Irregularly increase the amount: If you pay back on time, the system will automatically record your repayment history, these records will be used as a basis for increasing your quota. Let your quota continue to increase.

If you have any questions, you can contact customer service:
Customer service EMAIL:
Customer service NUMBER: 09561962828
Address: 22nd Floor, BGC Malaure Building, Metropolitan Area, Manila

Microdot Lending Corporation
(SEC Registration No. CS201951287
TIN: 740-405-493-000
Certificate of Authority (to operate as a lending company) No. 2921

Download CREDIT PESO here:

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